Who We Are
About MacIntosh - Our Philosophy    

Achieving our Mission requires bright, energetic and enthusiastic people who share our values. Integrity, honesty, respect for others, pride in a job well done, personal excellence, self improvement and a passion for achieving high customer satisfaction and successful long term customer relationships are among the most critical values that we strive to achieve. We intend to foster an environment that achieves these goals, displays our values and exhibits excellence in everything we do in order that we can achieve our mission.

We believe in nurturing personal development through training and education and encourage employees to look for opportunities for professional growth. We believe our most valuable asset is our employee who makes things happen each day and who believes in and takes pride in our company. We must invest time and resources into these people.

We believe that pride in the company and pride in our work is essential to a healthy prosperous company. We set goals at both an individual and a departmental level and we measure our success in achieving positive results.

At MacIntosh, we believe that we must develop a culture were there are no barriers to communication. We want to make employees aware of the status of the company so that we can team up to be successful and work together to overcome obstacles. We want employees to feel empowered to make good decisions in favor of the business and be accountable for service and relationships that they bring to the customer.

MacIntosh is committed to the philosophy that quality and service are the two most essential ingredients that cement long lasting relationships with our customers. We are dedicated to building strong personal relationships with each account through frequent visits, developing a more thorough understanding of the customers business and in helping them control linen and uniform cost. We intend to listen to our customers and design solutions that demonstrate our value and added service in order so that our customers will be completely satisfied.

We are committed to exploit the use of technology to streamline operations and increase production efficiency. We want to promote our company as innovative and progressive. We pledge to invest in state-of-the-art machinery and tools that will ultimately enhance our ability to satisfy our customers.

MacIntosh is steadfast in providing a quick response to each customer request; to nurturing customer relationships and to forming true partnerships where the customer's image is our business. We commit to measure customer satisfaction through a regular survey and evaluation process.

Product Quality:
Our goal is to provide a product and service that is valued by our customer. We challenge our company to make continuous improvements to our products and services and we commit to explore new and innovative methods that will enhance the quality of our products provided to our customers.

We will select and establish relationships with vendors based on the quality of their product and their ability to provide our company with consistency of product at competitive prices.

We will support our community in charitable activities. We will uphold our reputation of being a good corporate citizen. We recognize our responsibility of maintaining property values by keeping our facilities in good condition.

We respect the right of all competitors to compete in the marketplace. We will not resort to unlawful or underhanded tactics against our competitors. We will constantly study our competitors' strengths and weaknesses in order to determine what products and services we will provide to our customers that will differentiate our company in the marketplace.