About MacIntosh - Testimonials

"I really enjoyed your first newsletter. Keep up the good work. We just became MacIntosh customers on Tuesday, and our guys look GREAT in their new uniforms. Thank you."
Jeanette Blank, Manager, Zappa Plastics 2004

"We have been doing business with MacIntosh for over seven years and have been very pleased with the product, service and level of support from the entire organization. We recently switched the style of our uniforms to scrub suits and our MacIntosh Service Consultant was tremendously helpful with instituting this new policy. MacIntosh is a company that is very easy to deal with and extremely responsive to our requests and needs".
Dan O'Connor, Controller, PRO CLINICAL Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

"Our decision to select MacIntosh Uniform Services has been a decidedly good one. Our MacIntosh Sales Consultant helped us to select a comfortable, image-enhancing uniform that for employees and Management Team. Our managers look very professional in their direct-embroidered oxford shirts. It is refreshing to do business with a family owned and operated company that holds the same values and expectations for providing the same high level of service as we do."
Steve Longacre, Owner, Longacre's Electrical Service, Inc.

"Over the years, the business partnership between MacIntosh and Penske Truck Leasing has provided me a unique prospective. As a customer, we have found MacIntosh to provide superior service and quality in a product that some may consider a common commodity. As a vendor, we have seen from the inside the level of service and flexibility that MacIntosh strives to provide to its' customers. And as a business partner, we have experienced a family run business that is built on strong relationships, commitment to quality and integrity."
Gregg Mangione, District Manager, Penske Truck Leasing.

"This is my feeling about your company. MacIntosh Uniform Services does a great job in meeting all of our needs here at H.L. Wiker & Sons, Inc. They will go the extra mile to make sure that we are completely satisfied. A lot of the same values I see in the MacIntosh organizatiion are similar to our operations here at Wiker. Both companies hold strong family values and I have experienced professionalism and attention to detail each and every delivery. As our company has grown over the past eight years, MacIntosh has been most responsive to any request and consistently provides us with excellent service. As our company continues to serve our community, I look forward to our continued relationship with MacIntosh Uniform Services.
Jeffrey Wiker, Owner H.L. Wiker & Sons, Inc.

"I am pleased that MacIntosh is our purveyor of the year for the fourth consecutive year. Their commitment toward forming a long-term partnership with Outback shows the attitude of their management, their people, in the resources they commit and in their desire to help Outback run its business smoothly and profitably. MacIntosh is a supplier that we can grow with in the future. They excel when it comes to quality of delivered merchandise, linen management, courtesy and customer care. They are a first class organization that always seems to be one step ahead. MacIntosh is a true uniform and linen solutions company. When it comes to consistency and quality, they are a 10 across the board."
Mark Aaron, Joint Venture Partner, Outback Steakhouse, Inc.