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MacIntosh provides a full line of chefwear and culinary garments and accessories at affordable prices with quality cleaning services available. Call us at 800.355.6773 today!

Chef Coats
  • White with 10 melamine buttons
  • White with 10 knotted buttons
  • White with Black collar and cuff
  • White 100% combed cotton
  • White with 10 Black melamine buttons
  • Black with 10 melamine buttons
Denim with 10 melamine buttons

Chef Pants
  • Black and White check
  • Black
  • Baggy style in Black, Black and White check, and Black and White stripes
  • Cook Shirts and Pants

Bar Towels and Kitchen Towels
Nothing beats a cloth towel from MacIntosh for absorbency and cost. Our cloth towels are heavier, last longer and are more absorbent than paper. Reusing towels also helps the environment.

Butcher Apparel
  • Full Cut Butcher Coat
  • Spun Polyester Butcher Coat
  • Basic Butcher Coat

Chef coats come in long and short sizes. Short coats are preferred by chefs who conduct demonstrations or menu preparation in the dining room. Today, many culinary professionals are on display, and today's ultimate status symbol is a chef who comes out to greet diners.