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MacIntosh is a family owned business that is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of products and services available in the marketplace. Our goal is, and always has been, on total customer satisfaction, a standard achieved by a dedicated professional team of employees.

Our philosophy states that we must work diligently to provide customer service excellence every order, every time. MacIntosh is a pioneer when it comes to implementing effective communication tools. The on-line Customer Quality Survey allows our valued customers to gauge our service and product quality performance. To assist us in assuring that we have exceeded your expectations, we ask that you offer your opinion by completing and submitting this survey. This will help us to compliment our team's performance, as well as, direct attention to areas that might need improvement.

When your company image is on the line, there is no room for anything less than total commitment on our part.

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1.) Are you completely satisfied with the level of service
Provided by your Route Service Representative?
2.) Are you completely satisfied with the quality of
products provided by MacIntosh?
3.) Are you completely satisfied with the response time
to any request in the last six months?
4.) Do you have any suggestions for improving the level
of service that you receive from MacIntosh?
5.) Would you recommend MacIntosh to a friend or
business associate?
6.) Would you like to participate in the MacIntosh Referral
statement that if they would Rewards Program?